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Jenno Thanikkal Jenno Thanikkal Entrepre

Mr. Happy, just thinking about him and the impact he has left in my life is just unforgettable. He is truly one of my most respected mentors, for his honesty, sincerity and his secret of eternal youth. Even though we are so many miles apart, he has remained humble and approachable as always! I wish him all the health in the world, especially during this Pandemic. #Staysafe #Stay-at-home


Jenno Thanikkal

Entrepreneur in Vienna & Graduate at University of Surrey UK

Arian Muharremi

I enjoyed our meeting with Mr. Happy. He is very passionate about the work he does and in helping people maximize their success in business and personal lives. I loved that he gives each participant a bit of time to introduce themselves and explain their ‘ask’. Or, what are they there for. This is something I look forward to implementing in my meetings.

Arian Muharremi

Remote System Administrator



Mr. Bains provided a comfortable environment for people to speak up during his seminar, and showed good appreciation to the participants at the session. Looking forward to more Career Advancement Coaching sessions!

Tom Kim 

Business Strategy | Global Projects | Optimization

Korea / Canada 

Afshan Kamran

“Lead The Life" Career & Business Advancement Certification Course Thank you Happy for Coaching “Lead The Life" Career & Business Advancement Certification Course. The course helped me to excel in my personal and professional life. I will recommend that course for anyone who wants to change their life. It helps you to be more confident to face any challenge. Thank you Happy for all your unlimited support and confidence in me.


Afshan Kamran

​Mortgage Specialist at Mortgage Architects - A Better way - Canada 

Please watch Afshan's testimonial here 

Manpreet Basi

​Hello, my name is Manpreet and I have taken lead the life course with Mr. Happy Bains. I was drifting and didn’t know ow what to do with my life and I had asked my self many times where am I going in life and what am I doing just didn’t know what to do and that’s when Mr Happy came into my life and told me many stories about people and their dreams and how he can help people find their MAJOR PURPOSE OF LIFE. That was it for me I knew I need this course called Lead The Life. Mr. Happy Bains is a genuinely nice and humble person someone whom you can trust with anything and he will always guide you right. So I started the course twice a week for 2.5 hours.

I was really excited to start this course with Happy. During the sessions, I found out my burning desire something that I always wanted to do and never thought that it was possible owning a business of Day Care.

I always wanted to do but instead become a Care Adie but still wasn’t satisfied and that was not enough to raise my family and I knew I wanted to something more, and now I knew Day Care is what I wanted to do I was really excited, I stared getting assignment on daycare like How, what, where and when to start during all this I got to know all my bad habits, for example, how am I spending my time at home reading, watching tv, sleeping and much more so he put on straight line made me a better person and showed me a MOTIVE of life and how to work towards your dreams.

I have made a business plan for my self in this course, I learnt to have goals for every day and to write in the Dairy and work through it.

Mr. Happy Bains came into my life as a lucky charm, I can’t wait to start my new Journey, the life I want to live and to full fill my burning desire and give my self and my family better life. He has taught me the importance of reading book, taking notes, writing ideas and the most important one taking action cause without action noting is is possible. Mr. Bains is a treasure box that has endless ideas and experience of life in the personal and professional field in any line of the field. For me, he is an inspiration and motivation.

All I want to say about LEAD THE LIFE course is this is where life begins and I thank god for sending Mr. Bains to help me find the burning desire of my life. 


Manpreet Basi

Health Care aid at BC Cancer 



The Lead the Life program was definitely a life-changing program. It taught me things about the fashion/modelling/acting industry that I didn’t even think would be a part of. I was educated not only about local or national modelling but all the dos and don’ts of international modelling. The teaching was done in a very professional and clear manner and I am very appreciative of this program. Taught by Mr. Happy Bains, I would like to highly recommend any aspiring model or actor, someone who has any sort of goal in life, or even someone who isn’t clear on life to take this program. You won’t regret it.


Tanveer Sekhon

Model & Fashion Specialist



As a thousand words for me, two described the dedication I have for my career of becoming a model is greatly appreciated and of course you need to have patience Also to make a goal come to reality for yourself. From the beginning and now my experience of doing modelling and working hard to make my dreams come to reality was a bit tough and it was hard to break the barriers but only with the help that I seek from a generous man named Mr. happy Bains, where he coached me on seeing the reality of being a model and Breaking those tough doors to get to the dreams that I wanted to accomplish and achieve from the beginning.


The one important tool is don’t give up and find the path where the right people will bring you and it’s all about hard work and networking to the right people of the fashion industry.


The one thing that I have learned is in the entertainment industry is, it’s not what you know it's whom you know to open those doors. Finally, it will pay all off at the end, and got to say thanks 🙏 and now the work begins where I seek the key to success and money 💰 and also I can recommend the same help I got to anyone who needs the right guidance in the path of their future to the dreams they are working hard to open with the right help of the mind. Thanks 🙏 kindly and anything is possible if you put your mind and fate towards the goals you need to open with the right key 🔑. Thank you kindly, 


Franco Caruso

International Model

Italy / Canada 

Neesha Punn

I attended one of Mr. Happy Bains masterminds alliance workshop and I gained so much information that has helped me get onto the right path and where to start along with how to get started in meeting goals. Succeeding in achieving goals in the right direction. I highly recommend attending at least one of his workshops to help with personal and business goals. Also, get an idea if you are stuck and don’t know where to start. Very impressed and glad I attended.

Neesha Punn

Administrative Assistant


Helena Zhao

Mr.Happy helped judge our entrepreneurship discipline at our mock case competition at the UBC Sauder School of Business and provided valuable feedback and expertise, our students definitely benefitted from it!


Helena Zhao​

Director at UBC Sauder Campus Ambassador Program


Atter Singh Hoonjan

Great, Informative, Learning session. Do Recommend to Attend Mr. Bains's seminar 


Atter Singh

​Producer becoming Actor, Entertainer, Performer, Artist, Socializer.


Tina D

Attended a mastermind alliance workshop hosted by Mr. Happy Bains. Gained some valuable information that I can apply to my life personally and professionally. Great advice and tips to help further my business in the direction I want. Motivation, goals and taking action and being persistent! I highly recommend connecting with him if you need a coach for helping you achieve your goals and don’t know what exactly to do or where to start. It’s never too late!


Tina D

Realtor / Broker 



I had the privilege of having Mr. Happy Bains as my Life Coach for the course "Lead the Life". This course has taught me the wisdom to start from the basics and plan for success in many aspects of my life. The training and exercises along with the guidance from Mr.Bains have prepared me on a positive path to achieving my life goals by taking action to make my dreams a reality. This course is highly rewarding and the valuable principles that are learned can be applied with any type of goal. Mr.Bains is an inspiring teacher and I highly recommend him as a Life Coach.


Michael Brijbassi

​Electronics Automation Test Developer / Technical Customer Support

Shaw Communication 


Chanya Chawla

Happy is a very accomplished yet humble individual. His course "Lead the Life" does a great job of condensing years of wisdom and experience in a very simplistic yet inspiring manner. Highly recommend his workshops and online courses to everyone. No matter your age and experience, I'm certain this course has something to offer for everyone. Kudos to Happy for doing all that he does!


Chanya Chawla​

 Aspiring Lawyer | Student at the University of British Columbia | 


Rochelle Prasad

Happy is a charismatic person, who has a passion for empowering the next generation. He has played a role within Spark Foundation as a: director, mentor and role model; and we could not be more inspired by his leadership. He is also skilled within the youth engagement spectrum and has given numerous workshops and presentations to youth everywhere. 


Rochelle Prasad​ 

Social Entrepreneur | Author | Musician | 

Founder of Spark Foundation - Canada 

Samantha Gillies-Higgs

I was stressed, frustrated and lost to make my career decision before meeting Mr. Bains. I really enjoyed the Lead The Life Career Advancement sessions especially the Goal Setting, brilliant ideas by Happy Bains! He gave such inspiring coaching techniques that raised my confidence in what I’m capable of. He gave lots of unique tips and step by step instructions on how to set goals and execute a plan to achieve them.

For example, one tip I’ve never heard before that I found very useful was how to solve your problems and challenges. I will be applying that advice promptly, I don’t know how I never thought of doing something relatively simple but so genius and helpful! As-well as one quote he said that stuck with me was “thinking in a new direction is genius”.


And "Treat every person as the most important person on earth" Mr. Bains is so inspiring and humble personified success coach I ever met. His book 'Pathway to a Positive Mental Attitude' is a must-read for Personal, Career and Business advancement. Mr. Bains has an ocean of wisdom and drive to help young adults and I really like that he is very down to earth and helpful to understand the problems in detail to bring excellent solutions.

I can't wait to take his Advance Lead the Life Certification Course. I am so impressed with him that he had inspired me and thousands of people around the world. I admit that Mr. Bains is a knowledgeable career and business coach/instructor that one could have. Regards,


Samantha Gillies 

The Aspiring Graphic Designer.  

Scouting Director at Pipikini Canada 


The course “lead the life” is really helpful to really to get to know your own self and how to successfully lead your life and be the best you can be. By taking this course I learned that anyone can be successful in anything they want with the right guidance. To have the best plan and guidance for reaching the top, I recommend Mr. Happy, because he explains everything in detail and guides your way from the beginning till the end.


Tajinder Sandhu 

Student - Canada


Enjoyed the seminar, Good insights on Budget time & money and successful daily principals to apply. Thanks 


Azadeh Baradaran

Passionate Acupuncturist, M.D Background, Skincare Specialist,  Focused on health

Iran / Canada 


Today, gender bias continues to create huge barriers for many women around the world. Ongoing struggles include ensuring a healthy lifestyle & equal economic opportunities. If you want a million-dollar personality you can have it if you hire Surrender. He develops a positive mental attitude and let it be seen and felt by others. Surrender is inspiration personified! Since I met him and got a few online professionals yet friendly coaching sessions my frustration/anxiety vanished. Surrender's mission is to help people achieve their personal, career, and financial goals faster! From coaching to workshops.

Mr. Bains's wisdom magically works it's way into the subconscious and develops patience. He reminds us that the proper timing of your words and acts may give you a big advantage over impatient people. If you are a salesperson. And be prompt in your decisions after you have gathered the necessary facts on which to base them because procrastination reveals to others a negative trait of character which is somehow associated with fear.

He is very down to earth, intelligent and uses humour with a positive attitude as a connector to feel at ease. I often seek his profound practical advice. Simply the best Lifestyle & Success coach any person or business could have. I highly recommend him! 


Seema Aggarwal

Customer Success Manager at Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company - USA


How I obtained ideas/strategies at the "How to Create Million Dollar Personality Workshop": All one acquires is good communication skills, understanding and motivation through inspiration. That is what I was reminded of at this wonderful workshop that was created by Happy Bains. We were all able to engage in a conversation where a real level of empathy and empowerment was achieved both on a personal and professional level through real conversation.


With Mr. Bains' guidance, I was reminded to wake up to who I really am and that that requires true attention and intention. So thank you for taking the time to share your wealth of knowledge and experience to help those of us who need a little nudge to begin our journey...🕉 Sincerely,


Selene Joon 

​Teacher/Instructor/Facilitator - Canada


Surrender "Happy" Bains, a youth lifestyle and success coach, has been a guide and mentor to me over the last year. I got the privelage to learn from his amazing one-to-one sessions, where he helped me better understand my self, keeping in mind the eventful steps I should take in order to achieve success. Mr. Bains has a jolly personality and radiates positive energy.


While studying at the University of San Francisco in their Entrepreneurial Master's Program, Mr. Bains also helped mentor many of my classmates on principles of mental focus and the importance of goal-orientation.


Through Mr. Bains, I have learned to leverage obedience and commitment towards myself in order to fulfill my short term and long term business goals. I always cherish these words,

" Excellent Service = Excellent rewards", which is a mindful way of saying that only through one's hardworking can one bloom flowers. Mr. Bains has also helped me with my personal life goals such as being fit and active. His life-work balance routine motivates me beyond words can describe. It has always been a learning experience while interacting with him and I look forward to many more such experiences.


Sagar Agarwal 

Management at Delhi Public School, India / USA 


I joined Happy Bains's Career Advancement Seminar. He gave us an opportunity to meet same-minded people and useful information. He motivated, encouraged and inspired us in a professional way as well as in a friendly way. He mentored how to achieve our careers and goals using graphs, charts and lists so it made us easy to understand. Surrender's seminar is highly recommended.


Naoki Ohmi

Software/Web Developer - Japan / Canada 


I have associated with Happy over a decade and also worked with him as an Assistant Celebrity Manager during London India Fashion Week - he is one of the most empowering people to be around. Somebody who goes above and beyond for his clients.
Happy guided me a lot through my career advancement and conducted mock interviews that benefitted me greatly and gave me the confidence to pursue roles I really wanted. He is very experienced in dealing with young people and invested in their progress. I have learnt a lot from his self-discipline and high standards of delivery and customer engagement.
His ability to bring out the best in those around him is next to none.
Jesvy Joseph
AMBCS Sales and Analytics @ Bloomberg | Digital Future Enthusiast |  UK / India 


I attended a business seminar where Happy Bains was the speaker. He was extremely professional in his presentation and highly educated in the subject he presented.

He was highly skilled in the purpose of growing and expanding a business. His advice and examples made complete sense. I would highly recommend him as a career consultant or business coach. 


Léo Corbel

MS Entreprendre - EM Lyon Business School - Paris, France - Canada


Mr. Happy thank you for today's great opportunity to be at your "Million dollar personality" meeting. It was a wonderful experience and it was such a pleasure to meet you personally. Great and powerful speech as well as very motivational. You have encouraged me to do even more when it comes to self-education points, keeping track of ideas and how to implement good practice to become more successful every single day. Thank you very much for everything and for the positive words. 


Agnieszka Bobel

Baker/Second cook at Fairmont Hotels & Resorts - Scotland - Canada 


Hello, Happy Bains! You are an extremely motivating inspiring person that I know. You have changed my life for the better God Bless you. You have brought a great deal of the wealth of knowledge & experience and actual facts about life into practice, that made a lot of sense in the real world.

keep upbringing good positive vibes into this realm of life.

Continue making the world a better place with all your wisdom and love that you have to offer. Thank you 🙏🙏🙏, my friend, Mr. Happy 😃 


Nina Sky

Real State Agent - London, UK - Canada 


I participated in a career advancement seminar supervised by Surrender Bains. It was a very informative session since he gave us good tips on finding job opportunities, growing in our career, increasing income, and how to become a more successful person.

I would highly recommend him for any consultation in career advancement. 


Mehrnaz Bayaki, M.Eng

Lecturer at Douglas College - Canada 


I had the privilege, of attending Happy Bain’s lifestyle coaching workshop yesterday. He gave so much insight and valuable tools on how to get assignments in modelling or as a Makeup Artist. His vast experience in this industry gave us first-hand valuable information on setting goals and reaching for the stars.

I have been a freelance Makeup Artist for almost 20 years. It’s my passion, and Happy has given me so much help on how to reach more goals - very motivating!!! I recommend his lifestyle coaching to everyone !!! Jani MARKIC Faces by Design 👱‍♀️💕💄


Jani Markic

Freelance Makeup Artist at Faces By Design - Canada 


Met Mr. Bains in the meetup group seminar he organized; a group that connects same-minded people. Mr. Bains is very passionate about helping entrepreneurs, leaders, and basically anyone needing support, guidance & directions on their chosen path; coaching & mentorship are his specialties.


Highly recommended. He is very approachable, well-mannered person & knowledgeable... he is also into charity just like what I do too. 


Claire Ausa

formerly Jandic

Financial professional in WFG who helps individuals & families build a great life & develop successful business leaders. - Canada


I met Mr. Bains, 6 months after I got to reward for a scholarship by Capilano University, Vancouver Canada. He was very helpful and professional in terms of guiding me around Vancouver Tourism site seeing for my educational growth and he gave me all the worthy facts and saga of Vancouver attractions, it was really helpful for my practicum internship to complete my school at Capilano University.


Mr. Bains also helped me by giving his all profound ideas and knowledge of the western lifestyle. He is a generous and excellent communicator no doubt, but a tough and disciplined coach with his decade of vast global experience in the line of his fields.


Mr. Bains helped me with one of my life-changing project at the university, it was sustainable Project Change and I was able to achieve big rewards, First Prize and Second Prize as People's Choice Reward BC, province. Big thank you and it was truly an honour to be coached by Mr. Bains.

I highly recommend his coaching and mentoring service, especially for young people. 



Head Designer / Artist - Vietnam / Canada


Getting to know Surrender Bains while we studied at the Napoleon Hill Center in Wise Virginia was a pure pleasure!! His commitment level was extremely high and focused. His personality is magnetic, he charmed the group with his insights and positive mental attitude.


Surrender would be an amazing asset to any group. I highly recommend him on a personal level and as professionally! Dave 


Dave Skattum

Business Owner at The 4 Pillars of Men's Health | Author - USA 


Your advice has helped me understand the advancement And know the best options for the field of work And help me how to get an opportunity. 


mohamed makhlouf

Assistant Psychologist - Egypt 


I met Mr. Bains owner of RCCMC of Vancouver in March 2015 via the LinkedIn connection. Surrender invited me to assist at Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps Gala event on April 10, 2015. Over 400 people attended the event including Honourable Minister of Defence Jason Kenney, Rear Admiral Bill Truelove-Commander of Maritime Forces Pacific, Revenue Minister Kerry-Lynne Findlay, Minister for Multiculturalism Tim Uppal and BC Minister of Technology Amrik Virk. Surrender oversee the hospitality section and provided smooth execution of the event. It is my privilege to be part of Surrender team to help out the event.


Under his ace leadership and the precise direction, the program takes place in perfect timing according to the scheduled. It was a fun entertaining great food high energy event. I highly recommend GURU! GLOBAL CONSULTING planning for your future events or business consulting in Health, Hospitality or Event sector" 


Linda Li

Number 1 asset is your Health. I'm here to help those who are passionate to achieve great health & wealth. - Canada 


Surrender Bains is a wonderful leader and friend. He is everything one could look for in a good mentor. He groomed us to be sound professionals and made working with him an interesting and memorable experience. I will always be grateful to him for his support and kindness. It would be impossible to count all the ways that he has helped me in my career.

Thank him so much for all that he’s done. Surrender taught us how to be professional in our life and how we can come up with a good lifestyle. 


Azin Ghoorchian

Pricing at DB Schenker.  Iran - Canada 


...Whether you are just starting out, or are a seasoned professional reinventing yourself, wanting to take things to the next level, Surrender Bains offers plenty of tips, tools, and resources which helped me to gain insight into both my personal, and professional life.


He helped me figure out with clarity where I was stuck, which led me to gaining momentum with my new networking skills. Surrender's positive attitude is contagious, and I always look forward to meeting with him. I highly recommend Surrender especially if one is interested in both personal, and professional development. 


Penelope K. Rowley

Passion and Verdure/Vancouver Coastal Health. Canada


Great zoom online coaching session regarding how to network and make mastermind alliances for personal and professional growth, friendly relax conversation interesting topics by Mr. Bains. 


Erin Richards

Pearls Consulting. Canada 

shubham uppal

For me, it has been a great privilege to join the lead the life course. This course has really helped me to be specific about my goals in life and the ways to accomplish it. The guidelines of Happy sir have really been great throughout the course. I was a completely confused person at the beginning of the course who had no idea about the fulfilment of goals in order to lead the life.

Sir has helped me to be the best in the field of my interest with the help of the key points that are not at all questionable. This course has also taught me to live life to the fullest and without wasting any time so that we could enjoy the lifestyle that we want at the earliest.


I will be working on all the guidelines that have been taught at the course in order to achieve success. The principles taught such as accurate thinking and positive mental attitude in order to achieve success have been the ones inspiring me. Sir has taught me that success could not come unless we take a personal initiative as one is easily able to collect facts and figures but to work on that after the information is collected, that is important.


No one except sir has taught me that. Because it is very easy to say things but to work upon that is the difficult part. He has also told me to achieve success part by part by making a time table for monthly courses and the things that I will achieve in a month because small changes can make a big difference. Time management course has also been an integral part of the course where he told us to use our time wisely.


The best of all ideas for me was to collect what comes into my mind and write it on a paper. Now I have also started working upon my monthly courses and the things that I will achieve in a month in order to make a big difference for a better future. The combination of all of his ideas will lead towards a foundation that can never be broken. Thank you, sir , it has been an honour for me to get acknowledged by the facts that you have collected after years of meaningful research.

Shubham Uppal​

Student / Architecture  Researcher ​- India

Honey Rohra

I am a student studying in the H.R college of commerce and economics in Mumbai. Recently I joined the course “LEAD THE LIFE ONLINE CERTIFICATION COURSE “ which was taught by Mr. HAPPY BAINS. At first, I thought I have to do only studies and do well in the exam but after joining this course I learned that this is not enough. There are many more things to do in life. With objectives, I want to pursue my career in travelling and tourism industry. This course helped me on how to manage time and money.


Time and money management will help you in your personal and professional life. This is the key quality of all successful people. After learning this, now I know my main purpose towards life now I manage my time very well and in the future, I know how to invest money to get back returns. I learned many different strategies, plans and formulas which helped others and will help me now.


All this is because of my great mentor Mr. HAPPY BAINS. He is not only a mentor but my good friend who helped me in all this learning. He is very helpful, kind-hearted, supportive. He never fails to give his best all the time. I honestly recommend to the young adults to take up this course as this course will help you to find your major purpose in life.

Honey Rohra

Student / Global Travel & Tour Consultant

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